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and welcome you to Bodymindspiritworks,
an integral life center dedicated to well-being, awareness and transformation!

Current workshops and LifeCourses (updated Spring 2016)
Integral LifeCare/counseling
Integral bodywork and headaches
Integral bodywork and scoliosis
   NEW: Continuing Education for massage therapists and bodyworkers

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We commit to creating Bodymindspiritworks as a place of sanctuary, of tranquility, of peace;
a place for seeking goodness, truth, beauty;
a place of healing, of deep learning, of transformation;
a place for seeking integrity and wholeness, justice, love.

We commit to living lives that are good and beautiful and true,
lives that are integrated and whole,
lives that draw energy from our hearts and souls,
lives that are supported and nourished by the systems and environments we create around us.

existential validation


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